Holecutting Systems

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The Evergreen Holecutting System is the latest generation of cutting tools specifically designed for cutting stainless steel. An advanced cutting design and dual speed gearbox save time and money for anyone who works with stainless and other sheet metals. More..

Hole Seals and Patches

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We offer several installation accessories that make the job of sealing penetrations and patching unwanted holes much faster, easier and less costly. More..

Portable Drill Presses

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Drillmate puts you in control ensuring that even pressure is correctly applied to the cutting edge of the drill or cutter. That saves you time and extends cutter life by up to 80%. Vac-Force 2000 is a universal vacuum based cutting machine. More..

Welcome to
Evergreen Tool Company!

Since 1981, Evergreen Tool Company has been dedicated to engineering quality tools for fire systems installers, electricians, HVAC professionals, automotive and aviation mechanics and all those producing holes in stainless steel.
Evergreen is also a proud U.S. distributor of the Drillmate and Vac-Force 2000 product lines.
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High quality accessories and cutting systems essentials designed enable you to get the most out of your hole cutting system. More..

Repair Parts

Repair parts to keep your Evergreen Tool products operating at peak efficiency. More..