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The blend of well-seasoned and newer team members with just the right equipment can make a screw machine shop really click.

Evergreen Tool Company has found the right recipe to keep our customers coming back.  Our team members are experts in both Greenlee and Acme Gridley multispindle screw machines.  We have machine operators and set-up technicians with over 35 years’ experience along with novice operators who aren’t afraid to ask the “why” questions that make us continually improve the way we do things.  

Another item critical to success is to have the right machine for the job.  Evergreen Tool Company has invested in rebuilding our automatic screw machines while bringing in automated support equipment.  We have a variety of screw machines ranging from 9/16” through 2 5/8” and CNC machining centers.

Evergreen Tool Company has not been afraid to invest in improving efficiency.  We have brought together expertise from some world class manufacturers to continually develop greater processes.  Our company core value is, “Doing what is right for our partners, our customers, our employees and vendors through honesty and integrity”.  We are looking to improve every day.

Our customers keep coming back.  Our continual improvements allow us to keep costs to a minimum.  “Doing what is right for our partners” helps us build an atmosphere of trust.  If we think our expertise and equipment isn’t the right fit for the job, we are not afraid to send customers to our competitors.

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