Sustainability in all Aspects: Produce, Recycle, Repeat

August 29, 2023

Produce, Recycle, Repeat

The decision to be environmentally conscious and fiscally responsible often seems to be opposed–where opting for one means forgoing the other.  At Evergreen Tool Company, we found a way to achieve both and to pass on our expertise to other companies.

The postproduction runoff of our bar and screw machines, results in metal chip-saturated oil.  Rather than disposing of the used oil and metal chips altogether, we bring the post-production runoff to an in-house chip processor.  From there, the chip processor separates the large metal chips from the small.  Finer pieces enter the centrifuge where they are spun at high velocity to separate the oil from the metal.  The chips are then sent out of the processor into our lauger where the metal will be separated by type and resold accordingly.  These chips will be melted down and utilized for other purposes.

Once the metal has been expelled, the oil is sent through a drainage pipe where magnets draw out the last of the metal shards.  The oil is filtered and drained into a collection barrel where it will be reused in our production process.  All cleaning solvents which gather oil are spun out in another centrifuge where oil will also be reused in the start of our production process.  The used solvent is sold to companies such as Halron Lubricants Inc. and will be incorporated into such products as asphalt.

The chip processing machine has the capability of filtering 55 gallons of oil every two hours.  When not in use or when we deem that the chip processor does not have enough material to process, we shut the machine down, conserving energy and saving money.

By separating the oil and metal, we reduce waste, recycle materials to prolong their lives, save money by reusing oil and keeping it at safe contaminate levels, avoiding oil runoff and spills.  By recycling metals, we reduce carbon footprints, protect precious elements, and earn back money by selling it to other companies at a reduced rate.

This is just one way that Evergreen Tool Company continues to be a leading force in sustainable industrialism and financially conscious spending.