Our Mission, Our Duty

August 28, 2023

Our Mission, Our Duty

In the past few years, the terms ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘bare minimum Monday’ have become a way of life for people in the workforce. Employees no longer feel valued at work, feel less than important, and easily replaceable so they do the bare minimum and have no desire to go above and beyond. If you’ve ever felt stuck or frustrated at a job, you know it can create a negative work/life balance. At Evergreen Tool Company, we hope to do the opposite, with two words: Servant Leadership.

While Servant Leadership isn’t a new term, it was first coined by Robert K. Greenleaf in his 1970’s essay The Servant as a Leader, it can be a new concept to some. Many books on leadership touch on this simple yet effective way to lead your employees, so what is it all about?

This type of leadership begins when a leader wants to serve their people first and lead second. They genuinely care for their employee and want to meet their highest priorities, simply because they care. The Employer recognizes that people come to work with different backgrounds, goals, and dreams. The Employer treats people with respect, listens, spends time with their team, and is self-aware and humbled knowing that no single person is more important than another. By stopping what they are doing to listen to you, going out on the work floor to help, and treating others how they want to be treated, the strongest community can be built within your walls.

Community is here right at Evergreen Tool Company with leaders like Joe Beranek and wife, Beth. Joe has always led with Servant Leadership and the proof is in the pudding. The community created within Evergreen Tool Company is unmatched. He believes work will always be here and family comes first. Each year Joe shows his leadership and continuity by recognizing birthdays, holidays, and retirements with the best treats and catering around town to celebrate. Annual holiday dinner parties, summer baseball games, and a generous number of vacation/sick days. While those perks may be around a lot of businesses, the true sense of family and inclusion here at Evergreen creates an even thicker web of employees happy to congregate outside of work… without getting paid to do it!

When you have leaders serving with humility, who show they care, are open-minded, and are motivating and encouraging, there will be no other place your employee wants to be. When you choose to build trust with your people, they will move mountains for you. That is what Servant Leadership is all about.

With Servant Leadership, supervision turns into Super Vision.